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Sunday, May 15, 2005
7 Days to Star Wars Tribute Webfinds #1

Ok so it's a misnomer. It's four days to Star Wars (and my better half is groaning and whinging beyond repair), and I didn't find these (well originally) on the web, but in the newspaper.

Foxtrot did a whole week storyline in tribute to the HOLY SAGA (note it's not the HOLY TRILOGY anymore - Hooper X I'm looking you're way). Oh and as another sidenote, Lord of the Rings will soon nix out as a holy filmic trilogy, as Peter Jackson signed to do the Hobbit. So Holy Quadrology for you middle earthlings.

God I feel like such a geek. At least I'm not in one of those arguments as to who's better... Picard or Kirk. We'll just leave that for Silk.

Anyhow... on to the comics.

9 May 2005
10 May 2005
11 May 2005
12 May 2005
13 May 2005
14 May 2005

Thank you Fox Trot for being the one comic (that I noticed) that tributed the finest saga of films... Star Wars.
neolithic pondered at 07:37
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