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Monday, May 16, 2005
Apparently there is a world outside of Star Wars

I guess, being a filmmaker, immersed in the world, the subtleties, and the technologies of the film industry, I just don't see it. Or I just don't want to see it. I really can't handle the 9-5 life, just doing my thing, making rent, though I have to right now. You see, I live in Canada. Which essentially means we have no money for things like film. Unless your last name is Egoyan or Cronenberg, then, here's $20 million. And we don't care if your film makes money or not.

But it is that take, until I get notice by some Yankee studio, and they'll give me funding for films, that I must fight the good fight, and have the day job. And from time to time, I must dig my head out of the Force filled Star Wars Universe, to see what's going on in my fantasy, which in turn is the majorities reality.

In Canada - Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip are visiting here in Canada. Well, Alberta and Saskatchewan, to celebrate both provinces centennial anniversaries. Alberta has contributed to Canada (hell the province has more oil than all of the 50 United States combined... but shhhh... don't tell that to Dubya), but Saskatchewan? If you go into downtown Regina, grab a chair, and stand on it, you can see the whole province (it's that flat - and surprising enough, it was a nominee for the tagline for the provincial licence plate - I'm not kidding about that bit). So really nothing newsworthy there. Again the royals just are overhyped for their own good. Just look at Camilla.

But not for too long, lest you get turned to stone. This is the face of the next Queen of England. Creepy.

Sports - Steve Nash is the NBA MVP. I wonder if any yanks at all realize he's a pot-smoking Canuck from Victoria, BC (well, I don't know if he smokes, but being from British Columbia, there's a 99.99% chance he does). But hoops doesn't get much press here. It's all hockey, which an idiot American (could this be a theme),

destroyed for all Canadians, first by financially crippling such thriving teams as *cough* MONTREAL to make way so Los Angeles could have 2 hockey teams (with 500 fans in a city of 20 million), and then cancelling a season, with still no end in site for the lockout. Canada's so fed up with the one sport that matters, that I am following football much more closely than I ever did hockey.

By the way, GO REDS! BEAT AC MILAN!.

I could go on, but my prognosis is correct. Your reality sucks the big one. Hell, even the Simpson's has lost it's edge. So what is left after Star Wars? Well, an Indiana Jones film, the Hobbit, and my films.

As for TV, there is only one choice left...
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