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Saturday, May 07, 2005
Da da da da da... I'm Lovin' It!

Six months to the day since Paul Martin and his Liberals passed his famed "Truth in Advertising" legislation, also known as Bill 666 (ironically what spurred the Gomery commission), McDonald's has followed suit and re-named their menu to be legally truthful in the names and more importantly, the contents of their meals. The bill, which requires all businesses to be truthful, honest, without fine print or opinionated sway, around all forms of advertising, brand selection, product names, or responses to customer inquiries, is causing a ripple effect across the entire country.

As of 6 May, 2005, McDonald's Corporation of Canada, Ltd. has release their NEW menu to be compliant with all Canadian Federal and Legal Standards.

Excerpts from the menu changes include:

100% Beef now becomes Non-butchered cow parts plus soy
Big Mac now becomes Double Decker Lip and Ass Burger
Special Sauce now becomes Mayonnaise sat in the sun for three days
Fillet-O-Fish now becomes Fillet-O-Ocean Sea Creature

As well, due to the implications that McDonald's now faces financially from to a less appetizing menu, smiles cost $2.00 (USD to boot) each, and to add additional revenues, a "PB&J" may be ordered at select locations. Ask for Gretta for the PB&J special.

Paul Martin, after enjoying a Lip and Ass Burger

"Did somebody say PB&J?"

Gilles Duceppe, leader of the Bloc Quebecois, was asked about his feelings as to why McDonald's would change so quickly for Bill 666 and not the French Language Bill 101 from Quebec, ultimately forcing McDonald's to drop the "'s" from their name.

His response?

They added poutine to their menu.
neolithic pondered at 20:59
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