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Thursday, May 19, 2005
Hey, I could do that...

Having my qualifications leaves me in such a bizzare quagmire (no not Glen Quagmire, Peter Griffin's wacky neighbor who is trying to steal Lois from him and smells like he bathes in Aqua Velva), but rather I experience this rather odd employment issue.

1. I'm vastly overqualified to do electrical and mechanical technological work because of my broad and deep engineering background.

2. I'm vastly underqualified to do jobs such as construction, because though I have aptitude with tools and equipment, I don't have the speed and efficiency to do these tasks repetitively.

Then I stumbled here in my job search.

Drink beer and watch TV for a living. Yep. I can do that.
neolithic pondered at 06:04
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