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Sunday, May 22, 2005
I swear... somebody ripped off my Alma Mater.

And to add icing on the cake, they got it all wrong. Thanks to Mussel Juice1, I stumbled across a very funny post about how the "Phallus Climb" isn't at all gay.

Then, for one brief second, I was able to remember through the CH3CH2OH haze from my fine days as a PLUMBER2 at Queen's University, and I remember, that in order to attend classes, we had to climb the GreasepoleTM, just in order to attend classes the following Monday. Don't sound convinced?

The original, Greasepole event...

And the US Naval academy event...

Geez, it's like Canada does something good, and our "brothers" from the south try to take the credit for it. Like Basketball. The telephone. Wayne Gretzky. The list goes on and on.

Keep a Queen's (and Canadian) tradition alive.

Cha Gheill

1 Photo was blasted from Mussel Juice as well. Thanks, though I know I didn't ask.
2 Engineers from Queen's University, enrolled amusingly enough in the faculty of Applied Science, were called humouruously Plubmers.
neolithic pondered at 06:57
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