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Friday, May 27, 2005
Implement of the Week - Inagural

Lately, I've been filled with the desire to smite those who annoy the living hell outta me. I guess it was Tuesday though, when an old fluke event took place. I was actually driving my car, listening to the radio (and not the Yorkshire Angel's CD favorites), I got to listen to Tool of the Day with John Derringer.

Now I've got to thinking... I could do the same thing. But I can't blatantly blast "Tool of the Day" for my own. So we have


as I don't post to this blog 8 times a day like certain wealthy, unemployed, and bored immigrants.

So without further adieu, this weeks


Yesterday the Yorkshire Angel and I went to Canada's Wonderland for an afternoon of weather enjoyment after a morning sprint of jobhunting. After getting a healthy, but not fully soaking experience on White Water Canyon, I decided to dry off on the stand up looping coaster, Skyrider.

Image Blasted from airline-seat.net

Needless to say, this is one of the few rides at the park my beloved angel doesn't care to ride, and as such, went on the ride by myself.

After a 1/2 hour queue, myself and three people I befriended in line were up next. Because of Dawn's inhibitions for Skyrider, this would be my first go on it all year long. The yellow car pulled into the loading station, at which time it was announced to us by a pimply faced teenager that the ride was "undergoing maintenance" and would be operable again shortly.

Well, a bit of time passed, and nothing. Then, the same pimply faced teenager mistakenly announced they were looking for a lost item. After a few minutes more, it turned out to be a sandal. A cute, pink sandal.

Image blasted from www.hosono.co.jp

Finally, after nearly 20 minutes of waiting, success. Or so we thought. The pimply kid couldn't start the ride back up. You could see him in his station, frantically motioning around, ripping open his operator's manual, to get further and further frustrated. I had a friend who used to operate roller coasters there. To start it, you have to press ONE BUTTON. If it isn't working, pick up the phone instead of acting like an idiot. You inspire confidence that the floor operators do lock you in securely so you don't fly out.


Stop being such an implement.
neolithic pondered at 13:13
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