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Saturday, May 07, 2005
Lesson from Degrassi #1

I must say one thing about getting up at 5:30 AM to get to work in the mornings... SHOWCASE, television without borders (well, ok, it's Showcase DIVA, but still) plays the old, original, cute, melodramatic, Degrassi Jr. High, a show that Canadians (including your 'umble writer) and some Americans (it was co-funded by PBS in the states), now approaching middle age, pined to. Not only were the characters relateable, but dealt with issues facing teens that (well at the time) was reasonably current to what teens really dealt with. Drugs, teen pregnancy, alcoholism, drunk driving, etc.

Then it struck me... how this show could help deliver some life lessons to the world (and being a show whose scope was mainly toward Canada, constantly voted the BEST country to live in, maybe we could spread a little Canada around. And seeing as how many world leaders (*ahem* Dubya I'm definitely looking your way), are rather juvenile themselves, maybe, just maybe, Degrassi could make the world just that little bit better a place to live.

Yesterday's Episode

Joey Jerimiah, overhears the conversation between Kathleen and Melanie, which Melanie is let down that there are no drugs floating around the school, and wants to try some. Joey later approaches them and makes claim he's a dealer, and promptly sells the two each a pill. Except Joey just sold them vitamin pills. Yet, mysteriously, these vitamins get the girls high. Hilarity ensues.


First off, a little science. This could actually be the case (hell, look at herbal ecstasy). Just ponder this...

PLACEBO EFFECT (also known as non-specific effects) is the phenomenon that a patient's symptoms can be alleviated by an otherwise ineffective treatment, apparently because the individual expects or believes that it will work. Some people consider this to be a remarkable aspect of human physiology; others consider it to be an illusion arising from the way medical experiments were conducted.

Just think world leaders, what is the whole point on this war against drugs? What does it cause? You get liberals saying that drugs are less harmful than alcohol. You've got mafia and organized crime types bringing it in under the noses of security. It seems the thrill of it is a lot more about being illegal than the high they get. The solution?

Distribute vitamins amongst the crime lords. Loads of them. Have them sell said vitamins, under the guise of some cool drug name, lets say, haliperidol (yeah I know it's already made, but what the hey), and feed them to all the drug users.

What will happen?

1. They'll stay high.
2. They'll detox without the withdrawal symptoms.
3. They'll get their daily require dosage of vitamin C.

And the bonus (Dubya, are you listening)? Less money spent on the war against drugs. Bush, you can put more towards your "Welfare for Billionaires" initiative. Maybe as well, those 51% of the children in the leave no child behind? Maybe you can stop leaving them behind.

neolithic pondered at 07:37
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