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Tuesday, May 10, 2005
Lesson from Degrassi #2

Today on Degrassi Junior High, the high point of Canadian Teen Melodrama, Wheels (yes the character's name is actually Wheels) is asked out to a movie by the prettiest girl in school (whom ironically is written out of the series after season 1) Stephanie Kaye. As the story progresses, one of the twins, being Heather and Ericka, asks Stephanie what she would do if Wheels (notice the finger motion quoting here) "tries anything", to which Stephanie replies "maybe I'll just let him." What the girls are unaware of is that two guys, in the library are eavesdropping (which, by watching the scene, is VERY poorly shot and blocked) and tell Wheels and his best pal Joey. The rumour mill flies too far out of control, and the pressure from their peers for the two to engage in sexual intercourse becomes intense. Joey takes Wheels to the pharmacy to buy a package of condoms, and when the big date happens, Wheels is soon greeted at the door by Stephanie's mom, who, surprise surprise, is the pharmacist who sold him his pack of rubbers.


How this relates to now. Hmm... erm... ok how about this? The archaic institution, aka the Catholic Church, is one of the few groups remaining who FORBIDS the use of birth control, less one practice, being abstinance. But maybe there is a point here. Those ultra-conservative religious types, the ones who make Ned Flanders look like a satan worshipper, say that the church should not change to the fashions or the trends of the time. The Catholics refuse to be like Wheels and Stephanie, bowing to the pressure of the masses to try something new.

But wait.

Haven't sexual urges existed as long as we have (hell a lot longer to be honest)? I can drone on and on and on, but I'll give a few points for thought.

1. Why is it that priests (who pledge a vow of celibacy) have engaged in rather immoral acts with choirboys?
2. Why is it that the Catholic Church calls the one pleasure rival to chocolate an evil and sinful act (eek is my chocolate ice cream next on the sin list)?
3. What drives a man to give up all sexual relations? Maybe, like Wheels and Stephanie, Mom caught them in the act, and the utter shock scared them from ever having sex again (and learned how to use that fear to encourage other Catholics to practice celibacy as the sole means of birth and disease control). Or maybe, it's the other way around. They caught Mom and Dad shagging.

EEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW That could turn me off sex forever.
neolithic pondered at 19:59
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