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Thursday, May 12, 2005
Lessons from Degrassi #3

Due to some unfortunate events, your 'umble writer hasn't put a post in for a few days. In an effort to get things back into gear, hopefully this will tickle your funny bone in some way to restore some sanity in the Golden World.


And if you're like me having read that statement, certain things pop into mind right away.

1. Boys can't get pregnant.
2. What does a pre-teen to teen television program need to create such an issue as GULP nearly pre-teen pregnancy?
3. Who would ever name their child Spike?

Well, lets just ponder this. Spike is not a boy, she is a girl (note for all of you please make mention of the fact some words are bolded to reduce neck pain due to double-takes). And not only is Spike, who's stereotypical, birthname is Christine, is far from the most attractive girl at school (just as a sidenote, why did the producers write out one of the two attractive girls, Stephanie Kaye, after just one season)?

This sidenote brings two things to mind. First, they did a "almost" sex episode with Stephanie and Wheels (see Degrassi #2 for more details) but nothing ever happened. The moral? Well, since Spike is so shocking, it's simple. Only the ugly girls get pregnant. That explains a certain New York ex of mine. Ooops, did I say that out loud?

Secondly, why do the attractive girls (less Caitlyn Ryan... rrrwowrrrr!!!) get written out of the show? Are the producers blind? Are the attractive ones just plain shitty actors (see I can be sorta PC here and not imply gender roles on an occupation), or could it be what I really think. The attractive ones know how to use it and are just plain sluts on set. For god sakes kids this is a TV show. A KIDS TV show.

Hey there's a thought, to round this out. Maybe Spike got preggers cuz the actor who was playing her got preggers shagging a co-star in her trailer. As fatal a flaw as that could be, this was the episode that put CHEESEY Canadian Melodrama on the map.
neolithic pondered at 20:08
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