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Tuesday, May 17, 2005
Note to America... Liberal isn't a bad word after all

I guess this whole thing started to hit me as I registered this blog with Blog Explosion. Yes, I'm one of the dorks around who gets such a low readership, even some of my friends don't appear to read this one iota. Anyhow, as with my LiveJournal, I started doing some Blog Explosion surfing, only to find those wonderful absolutely annoying ultra right wing blogs, claiming Bush is the best, the next Christ.

Did any of these Bush fans ever study World War II in school? Don't they see that

is acting more and more like

Still not convinced? Here's Dubya and Barbara, taken just recently, about to board Air Force One. Notice the position of both Bush's right arms... hell check out the new look of Air Force One...

But for all you Yankees out there (not the baseball players, United States residents instead), this isn't about you. It's about us Canadians. You know, the country represented by oceans in your atlases and maps on the local weather reports. Rather, I'm actually quite giddy about something political that happened today. Belinda Stronach, former Conservative Party Leadership Candidate, has defected to the Liberal Party of Canada. Now I'm sure all you Yanks are really asking what this means. A Golden World would like to summarize a bit of this for you, entitled...

Canada and Liberalism... two things that really aren't all that bad

1. Whereas Liberals are branded as being worse than satan, communism and Hitler combined (seeing recent pics of Bush brings a new irony to this), Canada EMBRACES Liberalism. They are the party that has held the most governments in our countries storied 138 year history. They're the reason we have very affordable health care. Think about this US... why should the rich be the only ones to be able to afford treatments? We all work hard. Shouldn't we be entitled to some enjoyment of life, even when health issues arise? Should health be a luxury of the rich? Absolutely not. And here's a hint. The conservatives feel that health is a luxury only for the rich. We all deserve to live long and prosper. We used to have a party in Canada, called the Progressive Conservatives, which literally translated, means moving forward while standing still. Don't you think these idiots need to rethink a few things by now?

2. Belinda comes from the automotive industry (if you navigate some of the links of that post you can find some references). An industry that HIGHLY profits from the war in Iraq. See, cars need petrol. Petrol (or gas) comes from oil. The two industries are intertwined. Nothing like a war and the death of thousands of young adults to make these fat cats rich. Again. And again. The Conservatives, in a highly intelligent campaign move last spring, made one of their core platforms, that if elected, Canada will engage a 100% commitment to the war effort in Iraq. To a country and electorate who has a 99% disapproval rating of Mr. Bush. Can you hear Red Forman

calling Stephen Harper

a DUMBASS? I knew we could see that. Funny, doesn't look like old Stephen's been laid in about a billion years too. Maybe he should watch Rainbow to learn how to use his plucking instrument, or at least use his left hand (it feels like a strangers). Ms. Stronach, fed up with the politics of it all, left the sexual stalker for the crooked Right Honourable Paul Martin

as her morals for the lives of others outweigh the billions of dollars this war invariably earns her.

Kudos to you. If there was only some way to put the American democracy into what we as Canadians experience as a minority government (ok you UK types too), maybe we can get rid of Bush early.
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