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Thursday, May 19, 2005
OH! MY!! GOD!!!

George Lucas has OFFICIALLY reconciled for his last two, somewhat weak Star Wars films with the truly evil and awe inspiring Revenge of the Sith. Being a life long fan (who, incidentally, has seen ALL SIX films in theatres, all on OPENING DAY, and double duty for the Special Editions, with their 1997 opening day releases as well) today marked some sense of closure on my childhood. The saga is now over (except for watching marathons at home again and again). A page has turned. I was not so moved at the end of The Godfather Trilogy, when Michael finally dies, nor with the uber-impressive The Lord of the Rings trilogy as I had been with this.

As for the latter, The Lord of the Rings, an interesting review was given by one John H. Foote, film critic and freelance writer for Hollywood North magazine, which, in more than enough words, declared that...


Are you kidding? John, you wouldn't know a good film if it came up behind you and BIT YOU IN THE ASS. How do I know this? You snub my films. Yes you all heard me. Not only is John a movie critic, but is also the Director of the association to steal young people's money as so that he can have more beer and pretzels Toronto Film School, and snubbed my submission for a student short film over ones that had virtually zero experience in comparison, with no explaination of his reasons. Feel free to send him hate mail at


Which leads me to my main point. If such a reknowned critic in Canada can't recognize a pile of shit from a pot of gold, then he may be wrong about Lord of the Rings beating Star Wars. Hell, what good can a little shiny ring do against the Power of the Dark Side, or the chosen one, who can weild the dark side, his most honourable Lord Vader?

Going back to my very frequent attendance of my MECH 341 lab at Clark Hall 11 years ago, and when I say MECH 341, I mean Fluid Mechanics II, but really, when I say all of it, I mean Friday afternoon alcohol binges at Clark Hall Pub, I learned that in a deadlock of geeky Science Fiction and/or Fantasy arguments about who's better than who, there is only one solution, which ironically was passed down from Vince McMahon.

Have an elimination tournament to see who remains.

Therefore, in the next few days, just to be uber geeky around these parts, the results of the best of 32 character elimination tournament will get underway. If you would like to suggest a character, email me at neolithicfilms@gmail.com by 20 May 2005 at 11:59 PM EDT (GMT -0500) in order to get nominations in. Otherwise (read more than likely) I'll start selecting my roster of 32 characters to battle down to see who is better.
neolithic pondered at 19:56
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