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Sunday, June 12, 2005
100 Visitors!!! Woo Hoo!!!

A Golden World did it! 100 Visitors!! Now don't let the hit counter fool you. As of this post, it read 400 Visitors. 200 of which were me, another 100 was the Yorkshire Angel, which leaves 100 left for you, the vigilant viewer. And it only took a month! Cheers to you all!! Here's hoping I can get 200 visitors this coming month! (God my drivel must seriously be too long or boring). As such, I've decided to dig deep into the bag of my reader's mail.

From: Isabella Dickens
To: jefftremblay2000@yahoo.ca
Subject: re [21]

[With no inline text, I simply received this jpeg as an attachment]

Wow! Let me just jump on this new bandwagon.

But wait. The one thing stopping me from getting any job (well ok, until recently, less working for rich, fat slobs who have nothing better to do than to feel bigger by making those smarter than themselves feel small) has been the fact I have TOO MANY letters behind my name, not too FEW. Though employers will see through the fraudulently acquired Degrees, employers, not looking for solutions, but rather individuals to bully and cause management to get fatter and slothier richer, can intimidate these lying new employees to devote their souls to Corporate America.

These though, kind sir, are NOT real degrees. Anyone who has a real degree knows it's the effort and learning process, not just the letters. Except for George Bush

and frankly, though completely retarded, he's rich.

Yes, this little known secret has been kept quiet for years. Dayum, why hasn't somebody told me about this already? Why did I waste 13 years of my life trying to better educate myself? Why didn't I just follow the Bush method and buy it.

Oh yeah, I needed money. But apparently not as much now.


But wait. My name isn't Jeff Tremblay. Damn. This doesn't apply to me.

Oh well.
neolithic pondered at 22:34
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