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Thursday, June 16, 2005
Degrassi Revisited...

Yes, amongst all the google searches for Degrassi, which mindlessly and endlessly debate the reasons Kevin Smith (yes, Kevin Smith) is directing an episode of Degrassi, the Next Generation. Don't believe me? Watch Chasing Amy again, and listen for the Degrassi reference.

Anyhow... having been a month without my Degrassi fix, I decided had to get up early yesterday morning, and watched the ever fateful episode where Caitlyn learns she has epilepsy, and is ashamed and doesn't take her pills regularly. She has a grand mal seziure at a slumber party, and learns her lesson. Hopefully (though Degrassi never re-iterated the story line).

I guess there's a few things to be said. Dubya, quit your 40 year whine and start taking your meds already. Also, I just have to ask this, having taken umpteen safety, CPR, first aid, and lifeguarding courses. Who in their right mind (even 20 years back) believed you could swallow your tongue? I mean really. I've never swallowed it. Nobody I've known has swallowed it. Yet there's always some village idiot uninformed person who just has to suggest this. Put a spoon in his/her mouth so that they don't swallow their tongue. How would a spoon keep you from swallowing your tongue? Usually (and this is just my demented experience) if I have a spoon in my mouth I tend to be able to breathe less aptly as opposed to when my mouth is clear of foriegn objects.


Anyone who I hear saying that somebody should put a spoon in someones mouth when they are in some incapacitated state, I hearby give you

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