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Wednesday, June 15, 2005
I puke therefore I am

The mating cry of the Frosh. Until they learn to handle their CH3CH2OH. But that never happens in arts. Learn to love McDonalds Artsci's!!! It's the source of your paycheck.

God I miss being a FREC

Inducing little froshies to shout, climb greasy poles, and PUKE.

Ahhh yes, VOMIT. The subject of this little tidbit of mindless drivel intended to make you laugh so hard you... well, not vomit, but, lets just say snort milk out your nose.

Read an article in the closest thing New York Jr. has to a tabloid... the Toronto Sun. Read this quick little article, mentioning how a student had been expelled from high school for apparently "intentionally vomiting" on your teacher.

Now when I think about intentionally vomiting, two things come to mind. First, would be the high probablility situation. Somebody feels ill, and "someone" pisses them off enough that they aim one of their hurls at the teacher. However there is a flaw to the logic of this. Who on earth, less Paris Hilton

would actually not make a mad dash to the lavatory if they even remotely felt the urge to hurl? Usually casualties from bile and debris of vomitus are failed attempts of mad dashes to the loo. Could the teacher just have gotten in the poor victims way? And as a sidenote, isn't Paris Hilton one of the dancers Jabba casts to the Rancor? God I do hope so. Enough Simple Life already.

The other, which is a less likely event, because as such, this would be a controlled event, not just an illness based occurrence. Normally, this would happen at the toilet, but now, it seems, some teenager may have gotten pissed off so bad that he/she made themselves VOMIT on their teacher in retalliation. I wonder what that teacher did to piss the kid off.

After doing this google search, it has come to my attention that vomiting is truly the in thing, not just a status symbol of a frosh breaking his or her cherry on the magical juice, CH3CH2OH, which I found here.

Dumb frosh, dumb. The idea was to NOT puke.
neolithic pondered at 21:23
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