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Tuesday, June 14, 2005
Wacko Jacko

Well, to avoid a total tirade, I'll just post some interesting links to various sites being a bit less corporately slanted regarding the issue of Michael Jackson's recent "not guilty" verdict...

Mussel Juice.

Just a snippet here.

New Yorkers think something is askew.

Ang puts up a well thought out defence for Wacko.

My two cents? I know I'm beating a dead horse here. Nothing else we can do in the specific matter regarding the self proclaimed King of Pop. He's found not guilty. Not necessarily innocent. Just not enough evidence to convince without a shadow of a doubt. I apologize if this post isn't funny, but there's nothing funny about the charges involved in this case. Michael even admitted to "sleeping with young boys", though not doing anything "inappropriate". With that admission, he's borderline. I just find it hard to believe he's not guilty. It's not as though this is out of the blue. We've heard the rumours for years. If he truly is innocent, and all this is a vast media ruse to create some interest for an upcoming album, I sure won't be chomping at the bit ready to buy. If he is guilty, America should really look at their whole core of values. Seems that infotainment is more important than truth and justice.
neolithic pondered at 20:36
Thing is, and I have real issues with child molesters, would love to see them all lined up and blind-folded, and well, you get the picture … but with everything I have heard, I just don’t believe MJ is one.

I could be wrong. There could be something I haven’t heard.

But the kid did say he was not touched inappropriately. Yes, he at one brief time did say he was, but then he retracted it.

Now think about it. MJ has had this rumored about him. He paid one family off to get on with his life. Right? Along comes this other family. Imagine you are this other family. Would YOU allow your child to stay with him?? Knowing, even suspecting, that he might have actually done this?? No.

This family did tho. Why? For one reason only.

Now MJ admitted he shared a bed with the boy. That in itself does not imply something happened. Yes he should not have done that. But we aren’t talking about someone who thinks with a normal frame of thought here. But that still does not imply something happened. And the child himself said nothing happened.

Now I could be wrong, but from everything I have read, I don’t believe I am. (shrugs) And trust me, I would be the first to pull the trigger if I felt he did those things. I’m not a fan, I’m just looking at what was presented.
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