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Sunday, July 17, 2005
1/2 way through film orientation

And my heart is filled with joy. And by joy, I really mean utter contempt for the powers that be. If it wasn't a particular union requirement, I would never have even wasted $1.00 on this absolute joke of a course.

First off, the teacher, who is an AD with the DGC here, doesn't teach. We got a yellow manual with a few other photocopies, and just read through it. For 5 straight hours. Then we wrote an open book test.

Now before I indulge myself in questions SIMILAR to those on the test, I will say this. More than half of those there seemed completly indifferent to what was being taught, and those who I talked to had no real film training/experience/desires to be a creative head or anything the like. They just know they make good money shooting on union sets. Hell $24.41 per hour (working a 14 hour day average, with time and a half, double and triple time) can make some very serious MonopolyTM money coin. $450+ per DAY. But aye, there's the rub. 14 hour days. 5-6 days per week. It can put strain on all aspects of your life, and really should only be attempted by SERIOUS PEOPLE. You should have seen the faces of half the "class" drop when they heard that. It's like that phrase...

"You mean I have to work??"

Anyhow, for an aspiring Director, film Boffin/Geek, and film school high honours graduate, the test was so easy I could also complete a crossword and a number puzzle in one of the free periodicals during the 20 minute time alottment for the test. Which consists of questions like, but not exactly, the following:

Who is in charge of the overall lighting and look of the film:
A. Sound Mixer
B. Weapons Wrangler
C. Director of Photography
D. Script Supervisor

What is meant by the term ACTION?

True or false: The only place that narcotics are allowed legally on a union production is in the actor's trailers.

Let's face it. ANYBODY could pass this test. Though it took some people more than 20 minutes, with an open book, to answer 20 questions as such. God I wish I could have just taken the test without the course at IATSE. I could have been working earlier. But alas, the justice here is I don't have to reprove myself as a PA. I get to make close to $500 a day wrapping electrical cable.
neolithic pondered at 00:48
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