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Sunday, July 03, 2005
Give yourself to the Dark Side...

Let Dorkdom rule! Check out the lovely Star Wars bits I've stumbled across (can you tell I'm in withdrawal yet)?

Thanks to Ang, Darth Vader uses the force to read your mind.

And lastly, a couple of animated Star Wars fan films

here and here.

The last two are brilliant, aren't they? I'm not going to give them away, so you're gonna have to get off of your tush and CLICK THE LINK. And you'll need Flash as well. Though what the fuck is it with the Starbucks ads? Being on the west coast, I see that damn "coffee shop" everywhere. Why on earth do they need advertising? They have 100% of the Vancouver and Seattle markets already.

It's the borg of coffee dammit!

neolithic pondered at 22:36
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