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Tuesday, July 12, 2005
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Episode II - Attack of the Lawyers

As you all know (well at least from having read a previous post of mine), 14 copies of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince have been "accidentally sold" to customers of the Supercentre right here in our very own pot smoking town of Coquitlam, BC. It definitely seems as though wherever I go, funTM always seems to follow. Well, the 14 leaked Harry Potter books are continuing on their saga.

It seems that those lucky bastards those lucky gits who got the copies (yeah, yeah, I'm a fan... I've already checked into H.A. - Harry Potter Anonymous) are now under court order to "not reveal the plot of the book or any details." So essentially, they're under court order not to be "THAT GUY."

And by that guy, I mean

Yup. Just like Homer, who as a twenty-something, blew the whole plot of the Star Wars saga, just after seeing The Empire Strikes Back, to the lineup of people waiting to see the next show. Do we really need a court injuction for that? Come on, who's gotta be "that guy".

From what has been officially released to the media, yet another character bites the dust. So, as a public service to A Golden World's readers (yes, all ten of you), I would like to open the floor as to who bites the bullet in this one. The only two with immunity until Harry's seventh book are Harry and Voldemort He who must not be named. So, that leaves

Ron Weasley (Please please please die already)
Dumbledore (whom, though with my love of the idea of Ron dying, is the most probably as the next to join the already staggering Harry Potter death toll).

And finally, just to be a pain, here's my leak of some vital, illegal Harry Potter data. The cover for the next book.

And just wait. A couple of more years until book 7, and Harry's bloody demise (hopefully Ron's too).
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