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Wednesday, July 06, 2005
It's hell waiting for the phone to ring

And IATSE told me they were really busy. I know, I'm getting paranoid, but I did come out here to work, not to just lounge around. To avoid this becoming a hugely paranoid rant, most of the films are just starting to go to camera, so as such, work should be coming my way.


I hope.


Anyhow, to pass the time, well at least when the Yorkshire Angel is using the PC, I've settled on my new Telus phone, which has an old addictive game from my past.


Yes, that evil yet addictive game designed by Russian Alexey Pajitnov. And for me, it came out just in time to be the big rage in University. Ahh, all the hours wasted not studying, not going out, being locked up in my room watching blocks drop.


But yet in my boredom, I decided to read the credits for Tetris on my phone. I was rather disturbed to see this...

Please Play responsibly. Take a rest between levels, and stop playing if your hands feel tired.

What the duece? What does your hands getting tired have to do with Tetris? Well, except all us geeks who played back in university could get laid, and... ahem.

But there's something missing from that warning. Something us old Tetris junkies suffered from incredibly. Tetris Dreams. And you think I'm kidding. Just try playing Tetris for 3 months straight. Then you'll fall asleep seeing blocks fall down your dreams all night. And wake up screaming when they get stacked up too high at the top.

Still doubt me? Check here, here, here, and here.

Make the blocks stop falling already!
neolithic pondered at 11:02
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