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Monday, July 11, 2005
New Harry Potter book leaked

And cripes, this is just TOO close to home. New 'Harry Potter' book leaked, as reported by the CBC, have discovered that last Friday, 15 copies were sold in Coquitlam, BC. Further reading through the article shows the sheer anal retentiveness of the publishers, and ultimately, Ms. (I'm not sure of her marital status, so therefore she's Ms.) J.K. Rowling.

Consider this. The book must have been fully scripted and copies being printed months ago (I'll wager a guess as to about 6 months prior minimum). What on earth is the point in making people wait all this time when we know it's done? Well, it's to advance the hype, and increase sales upon release. Well, my word to Ms. (again I'm still not sure of her marital status) Rowling and all the book publisher types, I have this to say...

HARRY POTTER NEEDS NO MORE HYPE. Aside from the millions of pounds you all made (ok, maybe billions) in book releases, here's the other kicker. All three film adaptations released to date are all in the top 15 in box office gross of all time. Yup, that's another $2.624 Billion US in your pockets. And they've been pre-selling the new Harry Potter book for months on end. How much more hype can you have? Both children and adults alike love the stories. Merchandise. Films. Hell even some sod decided to create Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans (though all the flavours are totally rancid).

Save yourself all the legal fees trying to fight people leaking the book. Just release it as soon as it's done. That's George Lucas's philosophy. Just don't get into his retarded habit of remaking the films every 20 years as technologies in film improve. Because Greedo shooting first is so irreperably stupid. My nerves are shot from all this (and not by Greedo either). But just by wanting to be through this leak crap, be able to go to Chapters on Saturday, picking up a copy, and reading it (hopefully before the Yorkshire Angel can get to it.

If we have this for the seventh and final installment in the Harry Potter series, I'll just have to spoil the ending for you all. Harry dies ridding the earth of Lord Voldemort ... erm... He Who Must Not Be Named.

Oh... damn... please don't sue me...
neolithic pondered at 16:01
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