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Wednesday, July 20, 2005
Ode to a dearly departed Canadian

Yes, it's true. A fine Canadian actor, who was a cast memeber of the Star TrekTM saga of television shows, has passed on.

In fact, he was on the cast of the original Star TrekTM.

Really and truly.

All masts in Canada shall be lowered.




Can you tell I'm trying to waste space yet?

Because I am.

I just want all this text to run off the bottom of your screen as to make you scroll down.

Why do I want you to scroll down?

Why you ask?

Then why don't you scroll down already.


Pretty please?

Well, it still is a sad day. James "Scotty" Doohan (b. 3 March 1920, Vancouver, BC, d. 20 July 2005) has passed on, from Parkinson's disease.

For shame, all those who thought this may be William Shatner. For shame.

In spite, here's his pic...

All kidding aside, Rest in Peace James Doohan.
neolithic pondered at 17:43
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