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Monday, July 04, 2005
Office 2005 Released! Boo Hooray!

Mastermind criminal Microsoft Chief Exec Bill Gates announced that as of today (and tomorrow in the US as apparently they're celebrating a "holiday" about their "independence" and "freedom") that Microshaft MicrosoftTM will be releasing their latest version of OfficeTM, Office 2005TM.

Screenshots of the new version can be seen here...

Wow, it can read bosses minds? Now I can actually figure out what jobs need to be done with the actual required time needed, not the "do it over the weekend" crap you usually get.

So THAT'S why I keep crashing.

Holistic and naturopathic virus elimination.

New AI features can help you figure out just what to say (or do).

Thanks to Jake for this one.
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