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Saturday, July 16, 2005
The one where he makes fun of himself

Yup. This post is mildly personal. Anyhow, I believe things culminated when a *cough* certain nameless Film Union *cough* IATSE 891 *cough*, who is in need of technicians in a booming Vancouver film market right now, still adhere's to old, slower than the government timetables regarding processing permitee applications. And with all the politics inherent, and all the mixed signals and depleting funds, I took a job.

In construction.

Running a jackhammer for three straight days.

Which is exactly what I was trying to get away from. I will say, for the last three weeks, it's been sheer hell being by the phone, waiting for that ELUSIVE CALL.

That brings me to the news today, 2 pieces good, 1 bad, the one bad being the one I make fun of myself (Hat Tip to Stigmata for complete and unauthorized use of his "The One Where... blog beginnings). And just to be a pain, I shall deliver good, then bad, then good again.

The Good News, Episode IV - A New Hope

After 4 hours of blinding back pain jackhammering joy this morning, I quickly pulled my mobile out from my pocket to quickly check the time. At this point I realize that I missed a call (yup a jackhammer is that loud AND vibrating), and in my constant source of hope, checked my voicemail. It was IATSE dispatch. They wanted me to call back ASAP. Now as a little background, the dispatch is the office in the union that sends you to your jobs.


And with all that excitement, that brings me directly to

The Bad News, Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back

In my sudden surge of glee as life returns to my body after being sucked by all the negativity in the universe, I drop the phone. Before exiting voice mail. And do remember. This is Vancover. British Columbia (yeah there's one in Washington State which is a cheap rip off - it's not a nuclear weapons free zone like us).

And since this is Vancouver, the likelihood of rain is in the ballpark of 100%. Statistical errors are about 0%. What does this mean?

My mobile phone hit the puddle, dove right in and took a swim. All completely involuntarily. Damn these great highs I get. And no, it's NOT the weed. Honest.

Now I've got to wait another hour to call them back. And make that closer to 90 minutes. Because in the Lynn Valley part of North Vancouver, pay telephones are a species nearing extinction. But regardless, this leads to the whelm of brilliant news.

The Good News, Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

Because I'm a Sith at heart, not a Jedi.

I'm on the auxillary list for IATSE for lighting technicians. And the only reason I'm not a permittee yet is my old luck still haunting me, as I applied more than likely just after the monthly review of candidates. So it's not long now. And, to bring more hope, by letting the hate flow through you, by some dark side of the force miracle keeping things alive, my phone is now working after a day's worth of airing out.

Also, please notice on the side, as my tremendous thanks to both Telus and Kyocera for delivering me a phone that can survive my idiocy, I am plugging their service.

And just in time to possibly work on X-Men 3.
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