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Sunday, July 24, 2005
Picture's Up

Yup. Just finished my first EVER paid week working as a Set Electric on some REAL films here in Vancouver. Now maybe, just maybe, I might actually be able to use my education to pay my bills, and god forbid, maybe just pay my financial obligations to my *cough cough* SCHOOL.

But that's just it, isn't it. Film school is all about learning how to tell that story visually. Which leads to a few stereotypical story types.

1. Gangsta/Crime/Ultra-violent short films. Which absolutely suck ass, as in a short film, there is no budget to make anything look nice.

2. Super Dramas. Films with little screen action, filled with loads of dialogue a la Woody Allen, and over dramatics to the yin yang. Next.

3. Documentaries about some weird guy. Not that guy

but just some weird guy who's endearable to the public, no matter how slow he/she may be.

Which randomly brings me to Vancouver. The TRUE Hollywood North. Remaking every idea imaginable. Smallville, yet another take on Superman. X-Men 3. Final Destination 3. Like Mike 3. And so on. The difference? In Vancouver, it's admitted there's no new stories out there anymore. Well, very few that are marketable.

Which brings me back to my "school". My alma mater (excuse me while I go run and puke). Who promised to be able to find jobs for us hopeful filmmakers. This, all being in Toronto. The land of "you'll get a screen credit and be able to work with a crew that's going places". Yeah right. It's only the directors in Toronto (ok the producers too) who make money off of indies. We all laughed at the sequels and the remakes, but now I see.

They make me money. I can live off of dollars. You can't off of freebie film credits.

So, to all of you in Toronto, who thought you're better than me, that got in with all those cool Toronto rape artists Indie Producers, I solemly salute you.

Good luck in your unpaid endeavours.
neolithic pondered at 23:42
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