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Monday, July 11, 2005
Things are beginning to turn around

Yup. A more detailed, and less humourous take on the events of the last week can be found at the blog of my better half, the Yorkshire Angel. It seems IATSE is playing a big joke on me, or at least as our housemate Simon has led us to believe. Seems they're more in need of Grips and Construction, not as much so for Electrics. Even out west, I'm the butt of so many jokes. Maybe it's karma for me taking the piss out of all the Neo-right wing establishments. I can just see all the Republican, Bush, send our kids to slaughter house Iraq types from south of the border laughing their asses off. And so they should. I laugh my ass off at the idiocy of the concept that a C average student from Texas is chosen over an educated man, not once, but twice. And converting to metric, that's a D- in Canada, so they should laugh at me when I encounter obstacles that make masochists laugh.

But ay, there's the rub. If I'm experiencing bad karma for taking the piss out of the right constantly, maybe they'll experience bad karma for laughing at me, setting my karma back into balance. Check out the recent "facts"

I can now cross a suspension bridge without clenching the ropes holding on for dear life.

The NHL is about to sign a deal bringing a salary cap, but more importantly, games back to an arena near you.

But most important, this Monday on RAW, Rowdy Roddy Piper returned to bring Piper's Pit back to the show.

Some class returns to the WWE. About time. The karma is shifting back into balance.
neolithic pondered at 23:57
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