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Thursday, July 07, 2005
Waiting for the phone to ring Episode II - Attack of the Chips

I must say, the whole NHL strike thing has created one positive, at least as I see it. With all that hockey not being broadcast on our host of sports channels (TSN, The Score, 5 Sportsnet channels, and the CBC), they have had to find something to fill that airtime. The last time we had a lockout, we got loads of figure skating, curling, and of course billiards and darts.

WHAT THE DUECE? There's actually a market for WATCHING billiards and darts? Geez, and I thought watching paint dry golf was bad enough.

Well, this time around, the broadcasters did something smart. They hooked onto an ever growing fad. Texas Hold'em poker. I just pray the screen can last. And not for excessive usage. But rather for the assault of amorphous blobs being projected at the screen. Yup, I take my poker seriously.

Not that I've ever played. I'm hoping somebody can teach me. At least it gives me something to do until the slowpokes IATSE calls.
neolithic pondered at 16:54
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