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Friday, July 08, 2005
What I have to say about the London Attacks

What I am about to post is not going to follow the take the lighter side tone this blog usually takes, rather I shall be serious here. Also, as a bit of a disclaimer, I'm going to hold back anything, but just say what I have to. If you feel you cannot read, then DON'T.

It is truly sad that any terrorist attacks occur. Victims who did nothing wrong less being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Families and friends who again, did nothing wrong. And why? Being someone who wishes peace, happiness, love and respect amongst all whom he encounters, I don't have the context to divulge into the psyche of an orchestrator of such an event. I can barely skim the surface. The one thing I can say...

WHOEVER YOU ARE, YOU ARE A COWARD. If this is supposed to be an act of war, shouldn't you be fighting the UK's ARMY? No, you have to attack peaceful, innocent bystanders in the stead of not an army, but rather, your courage.

I do have to applaud the UK's stance so far. In a statement released by the Queen, she summed things up by saying "They will not change our way of life" and that things must resume to normal. It is a mature stance to take against an act of terrorism.

Some could take notice of this. And this little bit that I'm about to say. The sole purpose of terrorism, despite what the media has made the public believe as of late, is to inspire fear and terror. It is not an act of war. One cannot declare war against a feeling, like that of terror. All war does to the masses is makes them more fearful and terrified. Thus, just by logical definition, one cannot go to war against it. It's just like the snowball effect.

I commend both Londoners and the whole of the UK in being courageous enough to work through the terrorist attacks, rather than let the fear change their way of life. It isn't weapons, new laws, relegation of rights, fighting forces, or disobeying the United Nations that will keep us in a society free of terror and persecution, but rather our courage and unwavering belief that change can be accomplished in a less violent forum.
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