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Friday, July 01, 2005
Yo! America! See how much you know about you're northern neighbors.

And we're what country? No, not Mexico, it's ... [insert drumroll here] CANADA! Land of Hockey, good beer, and less wars. And it's our birthday today!!


And the illustrious CBC has created a little quiz to test us Canucks on how much we know about our home. Since there was no HTML, here's my Cut and PasteTM results.

You scored 17 out of 20.
Wow! You’re in line for an Order of Canada. Your wit, charm and deep knowledge of this country’s history will entertain everyone at your Canada Day barbecue!

Can America beat me? Probably not without doing the test several times (even though after the first they give you the answers to those questions you don't answer correctly). So yes, they can, but not fairly. :P
neolithic pondered at 13:56
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