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Monday, August 15, 2005
And they say Prime Time Television is bad

What a different perspective, watching daytime television. I just hope my film calls start going back to days, as these night shoots are just messing up my body clock now.

As such, sitting here spending a quiet afternoon before sitting on a condor reading at $23+ an hour, we flicked through the channels, and ran across one of the many varieties of the Martha Stewart Living series. And every time I watch her, I still see Luba Goy's

parody of the jailbird home living guru. Anyhow, I was surprised beyond belief when she was joined by a MUPPET (yes, a muppet). Needless to say, I raced online to see if this was a running theme, when I stumbled across this site.

I have to ask... has Martha's little brush with the law caused her ratings to slide to attract the rare yet viable muppet demographic? Has Martha cut a deal with Don Cookie Monster, to handle her sugar cravings? Or is it this?

She needs a symbolic image of childhood to restore her shattered image.
neolithic pondered at 12:27
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