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Thursday, August 11, 2005
Decisions, decisions

Well, for those of you who know me well, I stand at a crossroads. Who's in my gut? A very young Montreal team who is building on some talented young players, or a Canucks team who is in their prime, ready to make a run at the cup. Definitely not like Toronto, who I knew from day one that I hate I HATE I HATE the Leafs.

And rumour has it they're going after this guy.

Yes, this crybaby of a hockey player, Eric Lindros, is rumoured to being in talks with the Leafs over a 1 year deal. Nothing like giving up experience for a crybaby hasbeen.

Go Leafs Go! It will be nice to see the Leafs this year, in the place they truly deserve to be.

The cellar.

But back to my dilemma. Well, for starters, there's only one game between the two, and the likelihood that the Canucks play the Habs in the final is low. So I guess you could say whoever gets further, though at the moment, it's leaning towards a more experienced, free-skating Vancouver franchise.

But really, there's a number of people I met here who moved from out east who have split loyalties. So it's all good. Just don't wear the Habs jersey at GM Place.

And don't wear any of the throwback jerseys. Look at these ugly things...

Hell I don't even see John Cena wearing these awful things.
neolithic pondered at 01:43
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