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Monday, August 01, 2005
Facing a week of technical difficulties

Well, for those of you who read my better half's blog, then you are aware A Golden World is moving locations again. As to where, well, that's just a secret. Until next Saturday. That's when I'll be home next to be ready for the cable guy to install the internet at our new abode.

Not saying that I may not pop in and post the piss (the bloggers version of take the piss) out of something. But I can't guarantee net access until Saturday.

As such, some parting shots words for my phrenz...

Jana, luckily, the phone isn't cut off, as such, give us a call :P. Or maybe we'll call you.

For Stiggy, two things. Have fun over that side of the pond, and Kawaah (why that blog exists I still don't know...)

For Todd and Mandy, really, just fly out here. Then you'll get more time with us, and not on Highway 1 between Kelowna and Vancouver on mountain roofs trying to fix your faulty Dodge (note crappy Chrysler product).

Heather, if you get your net hooked up, we haven't disappeared, just moved and temporarily internet challenged.

And finally for silk, this should be enough to keep you occupied until next week...

To those of you left out, my apologies. Just be thankful you have no fear of Mr. William Shatner, and not one, but two friends who takes full advantage of that on a very consistent basis.
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