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Sunday, August 21, 2005
Home for a rest

Wow. I think I finally my brain back in solid phase. Well, okay, maybe. I don't know if it was working three nights, then switching back to a day shoot, being under heavy lights for every and ever, but I haven't even had enough cohesive thoughts to string a few words together into a sentence. As such, now, a post. And not one in really in terms of news or taking the piss or such, but rather, a one day late post for the World's Greatest William Shatner Fan (ducks and hides).


Sorry, just had to do that silk. At least no pictures this time around. So, one day late, for Fictional Fridays, I give to you another *ahem* classic.

WITH GREAT POWER ... copyright 2005 Jeff Vickers

The peaks of Menkaure, Khafre and Khufu break the otherwise cloudless, piercing blue sky. They pull out of focus momentarily, then once again become sharp. Everything then snaps into darkness with a mechanical click, only to re-appear a rapid moment later.

Lucas drops his camera from his face, and looks up at the three wondrous pyramids standing before him in the barren desert, amongst the gaggles of tourists. Something catches his attention, and Lucas changes lenses on his camera rapidly, dropping the one he was using in the sand in the hustled process. He makes no effort to pick up the fallen lens, zooming his lens into the object of his intrigue, high atop the pyramid peak.

Sgt. Heath Johnson. 1915. Carved right into the stone at the very peak of Khufu. Lucas stands at the base of Khufu, the Great Pyramid, staring up at the peak through the long lens of his camera gazing into what felt to be an eternity. "What?!?" shouted Lucas, who now being poked, turned quickly to his right, seeing nobody.

"Mister, you dropped this" Christopher, a boy no older than eight remarked, holding up Lucas's dropped lens. Lucas gazed down at Christopher, with a fierce, piercing glare, and snatched up the lens, without saying another word, and proceeded toward the pyramid face.

A good hour later, Lucas reached the apex of the monumental structure. "For thousands of years," Lucas pondered to himself, "this structure, man made, has stood, standing the test of time. Whoever makes this climb, will know the name of Sgt. Heath Johnson. There is no greater guarantee of immortality." With that sentiment, Lucas had pulled out a hammer and a small rock chisel, and began carving his name beside Sgt. Heath Johnson. Once Lucas finished carving his first name, a surge of power rushed through his tools and directly through his body, ripping his nerves apart with their intense rush. At the end of the assault, Lucas's body went limp, and slumped over the apex of the pyramid.

"Lucas? Lucas?" echoed through Lucas's ears as the white haze slowly cleared into the ceiling of a hospital room. A nurse stood over him, holding his wrist, while checking his pulse.

"Where am I?" inquired a still misplaced Lucas. "In a hospital room, Mister!" the nurse replied, looking at his wrist, very unamused. "I can tell that, thank you. Do they not have finishing schools in the middle east?" The nurse dropped Lucas's arm straight down, and the nurse gazed hard into Lucas's eyes, saying "you're done here. You can check out immediately."

Something seemed to change. Lucas was no longer in his hospital room, but rather in the emergency room, and the nurse was there, checking on another patient. She left the patient to exit the room, when an orderly pushing a cart smashed into her, causing her to fall, clutching her right knee.

"Lucas! Please leave now!" the nurse shouted at Lucas, caught in a complete daze. Lucas snapped out of it, and proceeded to get changed.

After signing out of the hospital, Lucas traveled through Emergency to exit the building. A sadistic smile crossed his face as he noticed the nurse was now a patient, clutching her right knee.

On his way home to New York, Lucas caught the gaze of a single mother, sitting across from him at the waiting area. Lucas kept staring at the young beauty, as his mouth opened more and more, and he did his best just to keep from drooling. The single mother then looked up, and straight into the eyes of the stunning young mother.

The two were then in the airplane bathroom, both naked, in a passionate embrace. Though the quarters were cramped, the two were able to manage to keep the passion and fire lit without any difficulty.

"Last call for flight 912 to New York City" rang through the PA system, and Lucas noticed he was the only one sitting in the waiting area. As he hustled to board the airplane, it dawned on him. "I can see a glimpse into the futures of others." And with this knowledge, Lucas became convinced that this will be a flight he would not soon forget.

After the in flight meal was served, Lucas notice a small, folded wad of paper drop on his tray, just before a stewardess was clearing up after the meal service. Lucas grabbed it in time, and read the message. "Meet me in the lavatory in 5 minutes." along with a drawing as to which lavatory to proceed to. Lucas sat and waited, nearly staring at his watch the whole five minutes.

When the time came, he proceeded to the lavatory, which displayed the red occupied label. He knocked twice, and the door opened a crack. Lucas entered the small room, where he saw Ashley, stripped down to her panties. "Off!" commanded Ashley, and Lucas proceeded to remove every ounce of clothing, showing his thin, but somewhat flabby body.

Ashley then handcuffed Lucas's right hand. "What's this for?" remarked Lucas, now a little in shock. "I'm in charge right now. If you have a problem…" retorted Ashley. Lucas was sure this wasn't how the vision went, but wasn't complaining in the least. He let Ashley handcuff him to the one handrail in the washroom.

"So, big-boy, want to feel like a man?" Ashley invited seductively. Lucas couldn't get a word out of his wide open, drooling mouth, and just nodded in agreement. Ashley looked at Lucas, and plainly said "then treat children with respect, you asshole." She then quickly slipped her clothes back on, grabbed Lucas's clothes, and left the room. Lucas stood, still locked to the handrail, in so much awe he could not speak.

Ashley returned to her seat, right beside Christopher. "Did you fix him mommy?"

"Yes baby."

"What did you do?"

"I made him think he was going to get what he wants. Instead he got what he deserved."
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