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Wednesday, August 31, 2005
I love it when this guy is on set

Yup, for those of you who follow the melodrama that is my life in film, yes, the Vancouver set electrics favourite person, Zane, to my delight, was present on the day call I had for Smallville today.

To bring all of you who are shaking your heads, Zane is probably best described the same way Luke Skywalker described Tatooine. "If there is a bright centre to the Universe, you're on the planet that is farthest from." Zane, to put it mildly, isn't that sharp, and is rather lazy to boot. My last encounter with this highly unique individual saw him show up to set an hour and a half late (though he was at crew park and catering on time), and made the excuse that we were in a cell unfriendly zone, and had to call his mom to call the union dispatch office to make sure he was made available for the next day. Well, the Gaffer and Best Boy got verbal with him, and when he got angry and swore like mad, he got fired.

Today was no different. He was on time though (one of very few differences), but as things started to roll, Zane was magically absent. Of all the stories I heard about him, he seems to disappear to the Craft Service table, constantly on his phone. Well, today was no different. He was supposed to help the Genny Op lay out the power and such, to which he refused to do it. Half an hour into the day, and the Gaffer and Genny Op were attempting to fire him already. Then Zane threatened to shoot the Genny Op. I shit you not, I was within earshot. Zane was mad, swearing, and trying to egg the Genny Op into a fight, but nobody would be phased by his bag of poor tricks. Zane was fired on the spot, though still paid for eight hours, and escorted from the set, and arrangements were made that he never work on the show again.

What an idiot. But in retrospect, I just wonder...

1. He has been kicked out of IATSE before for "anger management" issues. If one does not learn from history, one is doomed to repeat it.
2. Any anger management work he has done has been completely in vain.
3. If it wasn't for his father being a well known name, he'd never work in this business in the first place.
4. Maybe his whole plan was just to get paid 8 hours for doing next to nothing on a daily basis.

But hey, I not only worked 14 hours today, I got called back. Nothing like a good attitude and work ethic.
neolithic pondered at 00:43
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