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Tuesday, August 09, 2005
Keep your friends close, and your enemies even closer

Yep, I've made a recent stop to the website from hell. And then ran across this . For those who don't like playing follow the links...
So what exactly is John Ferguson doing? I thought Peter Forsberg and Markus Naslund were coming to Toronto as a package deal to play with fellow Swede Mats Sundin? I thought Adam Foote was a slam dunk in Toronto so he could play in his hometown? Pronger to the Oilers? Surely the buds could've given the Blues more than that for a guy who wants to play here anyway, right? Right?
Ahhh, how the rumours fly around. We had our share here in Vancouver too, that Forsberg wanted to come and play with

Markus. However, we Canucks fans were more concerned just with keeping our Captain, not wishing for the world. Yet Toronto fans followed the Pied Piper, believing whatever nonsense being said, that even in a hard salary cap era, that they could afford Naslund, Forsberg, and Sundin (probably the three best Swedish players).

Well, they could. Denying any income whatsoever to the remaining 17 skaters and two goalies necessary to make up an on-ice hockey team.

But it seemed not only the Toronto fan bought into such nonsense. The beancounters and management of the Leafs bought into this too. So much so they let go of two of their three veteran Stanley Cup ring bearers (not Sam and Frodo, but rather Nieuwendyk and Roberts, both of Calgary Flames cupdom), in hopes to land both Naslund and Forsberg.

Naslund, however, loves the Vancouver area, and after signing back with the Canucks, bought a house here. He's not going anywhere. Stanley Cup here we come. Forsberg, on the other hand, went back to where it all began. Philadelphia.

The Leafs, however, now must face the fate of the remaining 5 Canadian franchises when the rules were quite the opposite. Rebuild. Without the draft picks. Ahh, the sweet irony of the players mistake stops the country club atmosphere in Toronto. Now they have to build their team the old fashioned way. The same way that made Vancouver, Calgary, and Ottawa cup contenders.
neolithic pondered at 18:10
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