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Monday, August 29, 2005
The Perks

Ahh yes, no business or industry is complete without it's own set of perks. Even though businesses legally are people, with pyschopathic and sociopathic behaviour patterns, they still do things to keep people happy. Casual Fridays. Christmas parties. Paid vacation. Lunch breaks. And the whole lot. I still like the perks in the film industry the best.
1. Two square meals a day on set, not out of your own pocket (well, breakfast if you show up for your call early enough).
2. Legalized jay-walking.
3. The ability to tell your boss to fuck off (oh wait, that's for Zane).
4. Large paycheck.
5. All the coffee/tea/water/milk/pop/whatever you can drink.
6. The cool factor at parties, saying "I work in film", even though all I do right now is route power, wrap and unwrap cable, and move lights and stands around.
7. And, as of today, since all calls are paid for a minimum of 8 hours, be able to work five or six hours, and get paid $204.07 for the experience.
God I love rigging calls for just that. All the work, all the pay, but only 1/100th of the stress.
neolithic pondered at 14:20
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