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Saturday, August 06, 2005
We're back! What a week it was!

I must have a net addiction. The last week had me itching to the point I rushed to the library consistantly to check emails. Augghh!! Thanks to Shaw for promptly hooking up the net for us. And the cable, so when the better half is on, I won't get so antsy. And I can watch tons of


But what a week it has been. To bring you me up to speed, here are some of the things that I've had to find the old fashioned way.

First off, and most importantly,

Vancouver, in the new age of free agency under the salary cap, managed to retain superstar forward (and team captain)

Markus Naslund. Could a Stanley Cup be in Vancouver's future? A few questions still have to be answered. Will Todd Bertuzzi be re-instated by the NHL? Will Vancouver resign other key players such as Matias Ohlund, or the Sedins? How strong will powerhouses such as Philadelphia, Detroit, et al from the [sic] American franchises be?

Maybe the better question to ask is this. Will Vancouver become Canada's team, saving the country from the nauseating overcoverage by the CBC of the Leafs, enhancing the Anglo-Francophone war in my home city of Montreal, making the Make Me Laughs Maple Leafs, in the one marketable city in the USA for hockey1 Canada's Team. Well, Toronto's days for having Canada's Team are very numbered.

Let us look at the FACTSTM, shall we?

1. In the last 28 years (funnily enough, the duration of my viewership of the greatest sport known to man), let us see. Vancouver has been to the cup twice, whereas Toronto has gone zero (only making it to the semi-finals three times).

2. Thanks to Sportsnet airing all 5 channels (for time zones + HD), the rest of Canada got to see the rumour propagated by Toronto. That Peter Forsberg, rumoured to leave the Quebec Nordiques Colorado Avalanche, was linked to sign with Swedish National teammates Mats Sundin (Leaf Captain) or Markus Naslund (Vancouver Captain). With Sundin signed, the story was skewed that maybe the three would play together. Under the cap? Yeah right! No team could keep all three players with the existance of a cap. Naslund stays, not going to hell Toronto, while Forsberg goes to where it all began for him. Philadelphia.

3. Whereas the Canucks have the room, and are making moves to contend for the cup, the Leafs lost two solid, Stanley Cup Champion players in Joe Nieuwendyk and Gary Roberts, who opted for money in Florida, as opposed to "a cup" *snigger* in Toronto. Guess those cup hopes are dashing. Also nix Owen Nolan, who's out for the season after knee surgery (again).

4. The Leafs, plain and simple, have traded most of their prospects to try to win now. But the players they got in return are leaving. Oops.

Looks like the Leafs are no longer Canada's team.


As for some serious notes, in my said old "home" (though it never felt like home) of Toronto, there was a serious crash of an Air France flight landing at Lester B. Pearson airport Tuesday. Miraculously, all the passengers and crew survived. I am relieved as I am sure are the families and friends of those involved. Though, humourously, I will say this. It will be a while before mom will get on a plane and visit now. She's nervous enough when there's no sense of threat on the plane.

We have a new Governor General.

Michaelle Jean. Our first African American leader. Well, I never knew what constructive actions the Governor General really takes. She is the head of the Senate, which is closed to the public. All I ever saw was previous GG Adrienne Clarkson hand out the Order of Canada to many distinctive, accomplished Canadians. I wonder if this will get any press south of our border. Imagine the riots in the southern US if they find out that prominent countries in the free world is governed (at least in part) by a group that is still persecuted like they have no rights. Something tells me CNN won't be covering it heavily.

C'est la vie. Glad I'm Canadian.

1 The only reason Toronto is marketable in the United States is because it's the only city that an American citizen knows exists up here in the frozen tundra.
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