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Friday, August 12, 2005
Wow. Talk about perspective.

I can remember two months ago. Living back in the mighty Toronto. Gas was 77.9 cents per litre (America, this is still 3 to 4 times more than you pay after exchange, so don't cry to me about your prices), and I was complaining that it was too high, and remembered the good old days of 50 and 40 cents per litre.

Ahead one month, and then it was 89.9 cents at the pump (less 3.5 cents for being a Petro Points card holder), still rushing to the pump at night, pushing the limit in the day to save. And it felt good that we could find such a low price, as daytime rates cracked above $1.00 per litre.

Well, today, must have set some kind of record. $1.10 plus per litre. Eech. was a relief to see 99.9 cents after 5pm today. Something must be done.

I recieved a bunch of chain emails saying "we should stop going to the two biggest petrol outlets, namely Petro-Canada and Shell, in a plan derrived to bring the giants to their knees, and thusly lower prices. Hmm, commercial customers, the gas industries bread and butter, just can't do that.

Good try, however misguided.

I have a simple solution. Once I get a good chunk of film work, I'm buying one of these...

I won't bring Bush, Harper, and the oil Barons down to their knees, but I'll save my money by not paying them nearly as much gouging me to fund a pointless war.
neolithic pondered at 00:02
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