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Thursday, September 08, 2005
All one has...

Is their word. However, nowadays, even that is in jeopardy. People mire themselves in a large scale of lies, falsehoods, and misdirections. Don't believe me? Take this into consideration. How many pieces of identification do you need to show now just to write a cheque. How many codes are there to your credit card? Why on earth do we need a minimum drink limit? Simple. Because we abuse the system. We try to get out of responsibility by deception.

Which is why I'm glad to salute Google.com, or Google.ca for us Canucks, for being the most honest search engine on the 'net.

Don't believe me? Try this challenge, concieved by none other than one of my best mates, Will Puffy Stigmata. Here was his concept.
1. Log on to google.com.
2. Type 'failure' into the search field.
3. Click I'm Feeling Lucky.
Here's a glimpse of what I got.

neolithic pondered at 19:50
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