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Saturday, September 24, 2005
Bringing balance back to the Dark Side of the Force

Let the hate FLOW through you.
Emperor Palpatine
TGINS. Not F, as in Friday, but NS, as in Not shooting on Smallville today. Or tomorrow. Or at least until the middle of next week. I've paid my weekly penance, will be rewarded with a gigantic cheque next week, and as such, I'm taking a few personal days, up in the Cariboo, visiting a great friend.

It was weird. After the Tuesday shit festival, I doubted I could hold out for a week. Luckily, however, balance returned to the Dark Side. Because we shot around water, we had a limited crew around set for safety purposes, which meant instead of sweating fear pounds off of my slender body, I got to hang out more at Craft Services and put some of those pounds back. And I got to make up for those messed up high stress mistakes on Tuesday. So all is good.

Though, one of the keys (I won't say who) in the electric department is now the SECOND who rivals Mr. Rogers

as to whom is more benign.
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