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Saturday, September 17, 2005
Disclaimer Episode II

I got kinda appalled when I saw this comment on Dawn's site.
Anonymous said...

I'm from holland and post on the SHH forums. I'm a big fan of X-Men and was wondering if you/he can answer these questions for me and other members of the forum please. what Jeff did do on the set of X-Men 3? What does Halle Berry (hair), Kelsey Grammer, Ben Foster and others look like in costume.Where were they shooting when he was on set? Can you describe any scenes? Has he seen Gambit? When are they going to release the first pics?
Anything else you can say?

Wow. Not that I shouldn't be surprised. Yes. I am excited that I had the opportunity to day call on X-Men 3 for four days last weekend. It has been something I had been looking forward to since having moved to British Columbia from Ontario late in June. What a great goal to achieve for a FULL YEAR of heartache and pain. Don't believe me? Go back into the archives of this and my other blogs (which are all linked). Trust me. It's been hell, and I'm glad that things have turned around. Good things come to us who wait and persist.

Now then, Mr. Anonymous. I just wonder, if it has ever struck you at all, that I'd flush my entire film opportunity right down the toilet by violating my confidentiality agreement with X-Men (or any other show for that matter) just to please a group of individuals who are so hung up on their favourite shows that they can't wait until next summer, LIKE THE REST OF US, to find out what happens. Even for us film technicians who work on the sets, we still are enough out of the loop for story, as so when we do have the chance to see the finished product, we can still enjoy the film without knowing too much. One of the great benefits of shooting out of order.

So, as a message for anyone else who wants to ask me about what happens on the shows I have worked, I'll just say, YOU'RE BARKING UP THE WRONG TREE. Here's a hint. I grew up in the 70's and 80's, in the whole Star Wars original trilogy era. We didn't have internet. So how did we find out what happened in the films? We did it the old fashioned way.


Follow my last year. Be patient. Good things happen to those who wait.


P.S. (to the Irish Minnesotan) this is NOT in response to your request for dirt. And this Stella's for you (since I have no Guinness) [beer].
neolithic pondered at 00:12
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