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Wednesday, September 14, 2005
Fall is upon us

And football is in the air. I know, it is a poor substitute for the blessed game, but it does make for interesting table conversation with the Yorkshire Angel. Well until we get into the status of Dawn's beloved club, still one league below my beloved football club, who incidentally is the defending champions (insert evil grin here).

Well, not the Premiership champions. Not the FA cup champions. Not the Carling Cup champions though, which is odd. But, the UEFA Champions league champions.


As such, I've started playing (though very poorly) the Premiership Predictor over at Sportsnet. I'm hoping this week goes better. Here's my picks (in bold)...
Chelsea vs Charlton
West Ham vs Fulham (Draw)
Bolton vs Man City
Birmingham vs Portsmouth (Draw)
West Brom vs Sunderland
Middlesbrough vs Wigan
Tottenham vs Aston Villa
Man Utd vs Liverpool
Newcastle vs Blackburn (Draw)
I will say this about being in Vancouver though. The eight hour time difference to the UK sucks ass. We've got to get up at 7 AM on the weekends to watch footy. Grrr. Well it beats watching American Rugby.
neolithic pondered at 11:20
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