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Tuesday, September 06, 2005
Frailty, thy name is woman!

And we'll get to good old Bill

Oops. Wrong one. I mean this ol' Bill

Well, we'll get to them soon.

Anyhow, this story goes back to 2001. Michael Moore released his book, Stupid White Men, his indictment of the backwardness of the GOP, and it's "leader", Dubya. No, I'm not getting political. I would, however, like to make mention of one chapter where Mr. Moore spilled a universal truth.


It seems we men serve two functions that the fairer sex genuinely need us for. One, to provide sperm in the reproductive process, and secondly, to reach items on high shelves. Thanks to genetic research, our need in part one is becoming reduced, and thanks to the stepladder, our other purpose is being wiped out.

Hell, even two-time OscarTM winner Hilary Swank

is proving that women can act like men much better than men acting like women. Swank pulls off the male personna seamlessly in Boys Don't Cry, Julia Sweeney played Pat

A man could never bring the femininity to Pat to raise the gender question. Our best attempts?


a Male actor trying to keep steady work, playing a female character on a soap opera, and Mrs. Doubtfire

A man being an old british nanny to see his kids. Played by Dustin Hoffman and Robin Williams. Thespian geniuses. And you can still tell. Loads of gags in both films to keep the illusion up as long as needed in the story.

How does this relate to Shakespeare? Well, he was a mind ahead of his time. In his comedies, women typically dress as men, and bail the boys out of trouble to save the day. But where he was a genius writing his great works, he sucked ass casting it. Men typically played women. I would have thought someone of his genius would recognize the need to at least cast women as women. Does the phrase "selling out to authority" mean anything? Does his hypocrisy go only so far, or does it know no bounds. Men were typically cast as women. But the themes in his works, as it seems, didn't have much effect on influencing his audience. We are still mired in the gender and ethnic discrimination that plagued his day.

So why did ol' Bill write women so well? Did he know his works would stand the test of time? Was he bored? Or did he do it to woo women (yet another truth Robin Williams taught us in Dead Poet's Society - the purpose of language).

What do I think?

Shakespeare did it all for the nookie!
neolithic pondered at 07:08
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