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Friday, September 09, 2005
I'm mutating

It definitely has been a strange week. As per normal for a short week (us Canucks and I believe the Yanks too celebrate this sardonic holiday called Labour Day), IATSE day calls were thin. Though now with things picking up, and life getting on, it's easier to deal with. But still, when a passion in your heart calls you, it's tough to sit and wait.

Then this strange voice echoed in my head. "You are a god amongst insects. Don't let anybody tell you any different." Right. I shouldn't let the film school idiots tell me that I'm not a good director, writer, or cinematographer. They all gave up on their goals, just to sit on high horses, trying to erase the memory of too many failed films.

"Mankind has evolved." Yes, of course. This isn't about anything else but paying my dues. Just like everyone else. Who was that voice, why is it saying such things. Then it spoke again.

"Mankind is evolving. Into us."

Whoah. Trippy. I try to shake the voice, bringing myself to a zen center.

Then one last rant from the voice.

"We are the future, Charles, not them! They no longer matter!"

Wait a minute. My name isn't Xavier. Though after clearing my head, I answered the call and had a wonderful day call today. Too bad it was cut short by heavy thunder.
neolithic pondered at 22:36
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