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Monday, September 12, 2005
It's been a few days

And for those of you who haven't deciphered the cryptic (ish, ok, well for non-geeks) message, I've been doing lighting for the last four days on X-Men 3. And to disclaimer now, I've signed an agreement not to reveal what goes on in the show, though I've been on second unit, and as such, we're shooting low dramatic priority scenes, and as such, I haven't much idea of what the whole plot is. So next summer see the movie. It should be good. Did get to meet Hugh Jackman which was cool. He definitely is not a prima donna type, and is very down to earth, even giving me a brief high five after a day's shoot.


Anyhow, my brain feels like goo, so as such, something with more punch tomorrow. Until then, I leave you with this, thanks to Jean.
neolithic pondered at 23:18
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