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Tuesday, September 06, 2005
Rant for a day of the week that ends in the letter "y"

And it's not work (or lack thereof... things for us day call film types tends to be slow after holiday weekends). Though the lack of work re-directed my attention to two things. One, my telephone, though calls from Cheekey and my mom filled a few gaps, but more importantly, the mail.

I don't know why, but I do like getting mail. Even though 99 44/100% of it is simply bills. But I am waiting for something positive. My library card. See, the week I moved into my current digs, we were internet challenged as the earliest practical date to have our cable installed was the following weekend. As such, for internet, instead of dropping loads of cash into a net cafe (again), Dawn and I went to the library. And, as the two of us read a fair bit, decided, lets get a library card, then we can take out more books, and if we don't like them as much, at least we didn't have to buy the things.

One snag. My photo ID, at the time, wasn't current to my address. Hence, the librarian said it would be mailed to us.

One month ago. I knew the post was slow, but this is seriously taking the piss.

Meh. Since I don't have a call today, maybe I can take the piss outta the librarians.
neolithic pondered at 12:48
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