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Saturday, October 01, 2005
Another year without hockey is going to kill me

So, are you shaking your head again? Well, if you're Canadian, you shouldn't be. Yes, we will have NHL games, absolutely no doubt about that.

However, one of the great traditions in Hockey Broadcasting (and one of the longest running broadcasts of all time), Hockey Night in Canada,

may not make it to air for a while. Why, you may ask?

A "labour disruption". As in the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, or CBC locked out their employees, in efforts to get leverage in a new collective bargaining agreement.

Sound familiar? It happened with the NHL and the NHLPA last year, and it's happening out west with Telus this year. Fair enough, I can't get a phone until this kaka is sorted (thank God for my cellular, or Mobile, as my beloved keeps correcting me to), but keeping Hockey Night in Canada, and more importantly,

Coach's Corner, must be of top priority.

CBC, come to terms with your employees. You have precisely one week. That's right. One week until your lack of programming causes a riot the likes of which has never been seen. Ever. Just imagine 25 million Canadians charging the doors in each major Canadian city, demanding hockey coverage. We have hockey. We know it. Show it already. And don't take Ron and Don away from us.
neolithic pondered at 23:09
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