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Monday, October 10, 2005
Happy Thanksgiving to all

Yup. It's Dawn's first ever Thanksgiving today. And, being 4,500km from my parents, it is the first Thanksgiving in 32 years I'll be spending away from them. Yup, Dawn and I are saving for a few things, probably most immediately is to be able to fly to the UK around Jolly Fat Red Man Holiday Christmas.

But alas, no turkey. Not that I'm really a big fan of Turkey anyhow. It was offered for lunch on Friday (yes, I got to work for the first time in two weeks Friday... woo hoo), but I opted for the roast beef. If there ever was a food not to feed a busy, long working film crew, it would be turkey. Nothing like needing to be on the ball while feeling sleepy.

On the plus side, we've already had a football Canadian Rugby match, where Edmonton defeated Toronto 17-13. Now, our hometown BC Lions are in Winterpeg, playing the Blue Bombers. Go Lions!

Anyhow, here's to another Monday holiday I can't work. Grrr....
neolithic pondered at 13:09
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