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Sunday, October 09, 2005
It's official... Tony Danza has a sex change

Well, okay. I don't have physical proof. But after reading this in 24 Hours yesterday, it becomes even more suggestable. Here is the article, in it's entirity.
Former Taxi star Tony Danza is far from impressed with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' baby news--because they're having a child out of wedlock.

The Hollywood couple, who became engaged in June after two months of dating, announced they're expecting their first child together yesterday.

Danza is bemused by Cruise's behavior and believes his recent attack on Brooke Shields' decision to take medication for her postpartum depression was hypocritical considering the Mission: Impossible star is now living his own life with questionable morality.

The talk show host says, "I'm a little upset about this. Here's a guy out there lecturing people about drugs, but out of wedlock births don't seem to bother him.

"He's never [appearing on] my show, so it doesn't matter."

He adds, "I'm happy for them, but we're going to send them to Maury (Povich's show) for a DNA test.
Wow. Who really cares what Tom and Katie are doing in their spare time. Really. Poor Tony must be struggling with low ratings. Why? Because he's not female. Not to sound sexist, but his market directly competes with Ellen Degeneres and Oprah Winfrey. Lets face it, the aging Brooklyn native just doesn't have the same appeal.

So what does he do? He sensationalizes pop culture, just like Maury Povich and Montel Williams do, just to get the ratings, without getting all Jerry Springer.

First, Tony was a housekeeper, now he's become a gossip monger. Whatever happened to our beloved boxer from Taxi?
neolithic pondered at 20:51
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