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Thursday, October 27, 2005
Tech troubles? Blame this man...

Yes, it's now official. William Shatner's ego has grown beyond the size of both the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. Yet still it's not as bad as Leonard Nimoy, who released the books, I am NOT Spock, followed by I am Spock, and is dealing with seperation from reality issues. But Leonard isn't Canadian, which gives Bill a better, though still askew footing in reality.

We've been getting a lot of ads lately for this documentary, How William Shatner Changed The World, which appears to be half a blatant boost to old Bill's ego, the other half an investigative piece about how the creativity of Star Trek has influenced current technological innovation.

So, my message to all, and not least Ms. Silk from Geordieland, every time you use a cellular, or mobile phone, you have to thank this man

for inspiring this technology to be developed.

That is all.
neolithic pondered at 16:23
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