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Sunday, October 30, 2005
Thank you fans

Well, as all of you who watch hockey, well, read NHL hockey have noticed by now, all the arenas in the NHL have painted THANK YOU FANS in big clear letters right behind the blue lines. Not that this one little token will erase the missed 2004-2005 NHL season, but rather, as a token that both the players and owners recognize who really got hurt during the lockout, us, the fans. It's not much, but a start, so long as they maintain the attitude that our enjoyment is paramount.

Well, except for two exceptions. Both Canadian. In Montreal, the message is more universal, as on one blue line it reads THANK YOU FANS, whereas the other blue line reads MERCI A NOS PATRONS, the obvious en francais version, to reach yet even more hockey fans.

So, not to be outdone by the greatest hockey franchise in NHL history, the assholes of the universe Toronto Make Me Laughs Maple Leafs, the only franchise, modified this phrase to read the following:


I wonder if these village idiots realize something. There's this lovely invention. Let us call it television. Now, Maple Leafs, and Maple Leaf fans, there's something to realize about the power of this "box" called "television". It allows the fans of your opponents to watch the game at home when their team visits Toronto to play. And you, Toronto, have singlehandedly, by being different, tainted the solidarity of thanking all the fans as a group, making your fans paramount, and by virtue, giving the bird

just to play to your fans, the suckers they are, so they'll spend more money on your team than any other NHL fan in North America, despite the 38 year championship drought, and that you're replacement leader

Eric Lindros, will never, EVER reach the promised land.

Leaf fans, Leaf management, for being elitist, clique minded, and overall whiny and irritating, by not playing as a team (hey, maybe that's your first hint), I hereby give you

which will not only continue your championship drought, but create a playoff drought of 88 years, the equivalent of the White Sox championship drought. You sorely deserved the 8-0 thrashing defeat at home, to the hands of your provincial rivals, Ottawa.

Cha Gheill!
neolithic pondered at 11:19
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